There are three primary course bundles which are suitable for people learning Dialogflow.

Learn Dialogflow ES

The Learn Dialogflow ES course bundle consists of multiple individual courses. I would recommend people learning Dialogflow ES to get this course bundle.

Learn Dialogflow CX

Learn Dialogflow CX is a single course and has all the material you need to learn Dialogflow CX.

All Access Pass

The Dialogflow Toolkit is a course bundle which includes ALL the courses I have created. Plus, all future Dialogflow courses will also be added to this bundle.

It includes both the Learn Dialogflow ES and the Learn Dialogflow CX courses.

Why don't I see Learn Dialogflow ES as part of the Dialogflow Toolkit?

While all courses which are in the "Learn Dialogflow ES" bundle are ALSO in the Dialogflow Toolkit bundle, because of the way my course platform works, I cannot add one bundle under another bundle (I wish I could!).

Instead what you will see is that you get access to all the individual courses from within the Dialogflow Toolkit. You can verify this by first looking at the list of courses inside "Learn Dialogflow ES" and confirming that you can also access them from the Dialogflow Toolkit.